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🥁 What to Expect at Consensus 2024

Spotlight on blockchain tech

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GM fam! Never a quiet day in crypto 🥁 Here’s the playlist for today:

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🚀 Don’t Miss the Consensus Conference Hackathon in Austin 🚀

Join us at the Consensus Conference Hackathon, hosted by EasyA from May 29-31 in Austin, Texas. Compete for a prize pool of over $200,000 and meet industry leaders like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Tim Draper, and others.

🌐 Open to all skill levels, this event is a prime opportunity to network, showcase your talents, and get noticed by top companies like Meta, Google, and leading investors such as YC and a16z.

Secure Your Spot! Spaces are limited, so don’t wait! Register for your free ticket by May 23 at Consensus Conference Hackathon Registration.

For a sneak peek of what to expect, check out the wrap-up video from the previous event here. 🎥

Looking for Investors? 🤝

Looking for co-founders, investors, advisors, or more? Sign up for free tickets to crypto conferences, join a vibrant networking community!

Top News 🗞️

Upcoming Events 💫

North America

South America



  • 🇬🇭 Jun 3 - 16 | muAccra | Accra, Ghana



Tweet of the Week 🐦

New Remote Jobs 💼

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