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🥁 How to Raise $7M with a Meme

Ledger Wallet under fire, Celsius withdraws $800m ETH, and more!

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Ben.eth $7M in 72 hours with a Meme

A Twitter user who goes by the name Ben.eth managed to rake in a mind-blowing $7 million in just 72 hours.

How? Memecoins. The whole memecoin craze has taken over Crypto Twitter faster than GameStop traders took over Robinhood.

Ben.eth launched not one, but two memecoins, which became very profitable but very controversial very quickly.

First, we have the tale of $BEN, which Ben.eth launched with a massive supply of 420.69 trillion tokens. The presale raised a decent amount of ETH, but the public sale didn't go so well, and the coin's value started to plummet.

Things took a turn when controversial crypto content creator BitBoy joined the project. Shortly after, BitBoy took over the project, and Ben.eth became an advisor.

But that's not the end of the story! Ben.eth, eager for a new memecoin adventure, introduced his next creation, $PSYOP. This coin, named after a meme format related to psychological warfare, sparked even more controversy. Ben.eth asked investors to send ETH directly to him, without a deployed contract in place, raising concerns about the legitimacy of the launch.

Despite the criticism, ETH poured into Ben.eth's wallet, accumulating a staggering 3,800 ETH (almost $7 million) in just a few days. While skepticism grows, Ben.eth continues to tweet and engage with the community and post updates about the project.

It’s too early to tell if $BEN and $PSYOP will be successful memecoin projects or if they will fail. We’re not even sure if it’s legal since openly fundraising for a token sale was a big no no during the ICO craze of 2017. We’ll be keeping an eye on how this one plays out.

Trending News 🗞️

1. $7 Million in 72 Hours: Inside Ben.eth’s Controversial Memecoin Empire! Another day, another Meme in crypto to surprise us.

3. Microsoft Says New A.I. Shows Signs of Human Reasoning, will we talk with an AI as humans in the future? 4. Tether's Transparency Reveals Bitcoin and Gold Allocations. Yep, they've been stacking some precious metals.

5. Vietnam court sentences two men to life in prison over $1.5M crypto theft. Wonder what they could have done to deserve such a sentence...

6. Celsius withdraws over $800M stETH staked on Lido Finance following an upgrade. Let the "purge start", withdrawals request in chunks of 1000 stETH have started.

7. Ex-Ethereum developer calls OpenAI founder’s Worldcoin project ‘unrealistic and scary’. Hudson Jameson thinks Worldcoin lacks transparency and finds its tokenomics "suspicious."

8. Ledger Crypto Wallet Under Fire Over Seed Phrase Recovery Service. Yikes, do they want users to link seed phrases to their passports or identity card?

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