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🥁 SBF's $250 Mil Bail Revoked, Crypto Fraud Behind Bars

3 things Coinbase says will determine the future of crypto, and more!

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🥁 CoinDesk lays off 45% of its editorial staff

Things ain’t looking so hot for CoinDesk, as yesterday The Block reported that CoinDesk is laying off 45% of their editorial team.

Why? Because their owner, Digital Currency Group (DCG), plans to sell a stake in CoinDesk for $125 million. WSJ reported at the end of July that DCG was close to closing a $125 million deal with a syndicate led by crypto investor Matthew Roszak of Tally Capital. DCG will be keeping some of its CoinDesk stake though.

Sounds like a lot at a glance, but apparently CoinDesk has 125 employees and the editorial team is 45 people, so 20 people are being let go.

🥁 SBF’s $250 mil bail revoked, crypto fraud behind bars

Sam Bankman-Fried from the failed FTX crypto exchange, will be held in jail through his two upcoming trials.

After The New York Times reported he allegedly attempted to intimidate witnesses, Judge Lewis Kaplan ordered that his $250 million bail be revoked.

SBF is facing 12 criminal charges spread across two trials beginning in October 2023 and March 2024.

18 VC firms that were former partners of FTX, including Sequoia and Softbank are also being sued in a class action lawsuit, as well as FTX’s former primary legal counsel, Fenwick & West.

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